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Upcoming: Q2 2019 Results

We will publish our Q2 2019 results on August 2, 2019 at 07:00 a.m. (CEST) followed by an Investor Relations conference call and audio webcast at 08:30 a.m. (CEST).

Downloads will be available here:

Stockholders' Meeting

The LANXESS Annual Stockholders' Meeting took place on Thursday, May 23, 2019 at the LANXESS arena, Cologne. Please find the voting results here.

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Annual Report 2018

Here you find our published annual reports for your download.

Annual Report


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DateUpcoming EventsVenue
2019-08-05Roadshow Q2/2019Frankfurt
2019-08-06Jefferies Global Industrials Conference (CFO)New York
2019-08-06Roadshow Q2/2019London
2019-08-07Roadshow Q2/2019 (CFO)Toronto
2019-08-20dbAccess European Corporate DaysHelsinki
2019-08-21dbAccess European Corporate DaysStockholm
2019-08-22Roadshow Q2/2019 Copenhagen
2019-08-21/22Roadshow Q2/2019 Tokyo
2019-08-27Commerzbank Sector ConferenceFrankfurt

2019-06-26 Deutsche Bank Issuer & Investor Bond Forum, London


PDF, 4.3 MB  


2019-05-14 LANXESS Q1 2019 Results

Presentation Matthias Zachert (CEO) and Michael Pontzen (CFO)

PDF, 1.5 MB  

Financial Summary for Investors and Analysts Q1 2019

PDF, 108.5 KB  

Audio webcast with Matthias Zachert (CEO) and Michael Pontzen (CFO)
Presentation Matthias Zachert (CEO): Frankfurt, Zurich

PDF, 3.8 MB  

Presentation Michael Pontzen (CFO): New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Francisco

PDF, 3.8 MB  

Presentation Investor Relations: Brussels, Vienna

PDF, 3.8 MB  


Q1 2019 Conference Presentation


PDF, 3.9 MB  

DateUpcoming EventsVenue
2019-05-15Roadshow Q1/2019 (CEO)Frankfurt
2019-05-15Roadshow Q1/2019 (CFO)Toronto
2019-05-16Citi's Chemicals Conference (CEO)London
2019-05-16Roadshow Q1/2019 (CFO)New York
2019-05-20Roadshow Q1/2019 (CEO)Zurich
2019-06-04mBank Chemicals Day Warsaw
2019-06-05/06db Access Berlin Conference (CEO)Berlin
2019-06-06Roadshow Q1/2019Netherlands
2019-06-11/12Exane BNP Paribas 21st CEO Conference (CEO)Paris
2019-06-12JP Morgan Cazenove European Materials ConferenceLondon
2019-06-13Roadshow Q1/2019Dublin
2019-06-18Roadshow Q1/2019Vienna
2019-06-25Morgan Stanley Cannonball Run (CEO)Cologne
2019-06-26Deutsche Bank Issuer & Investor Bond ForumLondon

2019-03-14 LANXESS FY 2018 Results

Presentation Matthias Zachert (CEO) and Michael Pontzen (CFO)

PDF, 1.6 MB  

Financial Summary for Investors and Analysts

PDF, 119.9 KB  

Audio webcast with Matthias Zachert (CEO) and Michael Pontzen (CFO)
Presentation Michael Pontzen (CFO): Frankfurt, Boston, New York

PDF, 4.0 MB  

Presentation Investor Relations: Singapore, Stockholm, Madrid, Milano, Hamburg

PDF, 4.0 MB  


FY 2018 Conference Presentation


PDF, 4.0 MB  

DateUpcoming EventsVenue
2019-03-15Goldman Sachs 8th Annual European Chemicals Conference (CEO)London
2019-03-15Roadshow FY/2018 (CFO)Frankfurt
2019-03-19Roadshow FY/2018 (CFO)Boston
2019-03-20Roadshow FY/2018 (CFO)New York
2019-03-20Roadshow FY/2018Singapore
2019-03-27Roadshow FY/2018Stockholm
2019-03-28MainFirst Corporate ConferenceCopenhagen
2019-04-02Roadshow FY/2018 (CFO)Hong Kong
2019-04-03Roadshow FY/2018Madrid
2019-04-10Roadshow FY/2018Hamburg