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Climate-friendly production processes

From the treatment of waste air to CO2 recovery – LANXESS is using cutting-edge technical solutions at its production sites to reduce and prevent greenhouse gas emissions.

Krefeld-Uerdingen (Germany) Two modern nitrous oxide reduction plants the highly environmentally damaging nitrous oxide (also known as dinitrogen monoxide or ‘laughing gas’) produced during the manufacturing of adipic acid in the amount of about 5000 metric tons per year is completely neutralized. LANXESS is the only adipic acid producer in the world that completely neutralizes its greenhouse gas.


Nagda, India. Energy generation using degradable biomass: LANXESS is able to meet most of its energy demand at it Nagda, India site, fuelled by biomass fuel - made of soya husk. The carbon footprint has been reduced by 70,000 metric tons of coal per year, which translates into a reduction of about 120,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Zwijndrecht, Belgium. LANXESS’ butyl production facility in Zwijndrecht, Belgium has a thermal power plant to produce steam and electricity for its production process. The cogeneration system at this cutting-edge site uses natural gas to produce two forms of energy (electricity and heat), allowing the facility to achieve exceptional operating efficiencies. This has also allowed the site to reduce its CO2 emissions by around 80,000 tons per year.

Porto Feliz, Brazil. Renewable energy generation. Already in 2004, LANXESS initiated a major redesign of its production process called “retro-washing”, leading to a 44% decrease in water consumption. In addition, with by using renewable, environmentally friendly fuel to power cogeneration plant, the facility's energy generation has become completely CO2 neutral.
In 2010, LANXESS inaugurated biomass only cogeneration plant. The direct greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated in the production of inorganic pigments dropped by about 69%compared to the base year 2009. In 2013, the waste generation of the plant was reduced by 44% compared to 2009. 


Port Jérôme, France. An innovative and environmentally-friendly air treatment technique. In 2008, LANXESS commissioned a state-of-the-art air treatment facility at its Port Jérôme site. The innovative method implemented here ensures a much higher level of solvent removal.

Jinshan, China. This ferrous oxide facility, which opened in 2008, is one of the first such facilities in China with a highly modern wastewater plant linked directly to an industrial water treatment system. LANXESS saves more than 5 million liters of water per year in Jinshan by recycling coolant water.


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