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A sustainable Human Resources policy – an investment in the future

LANXESS’s long-term entrepreneurial success is fundamentally based on our employees’ sense of responsibility, professionalism and focus on finding solutions. Our global HR activities are supporting the fundamental change processes within the Group – both organizationally and culturally – which makes them more important to strategic success than ever before.


Following our realignment, LANXESS’s identity as an employer is based on five central values: respect, ownership, trust, professionalism and integrity. These values apply always and everywhere – and to all employees. We seek to foster a corporate culture in which responsible and morally irreprehensible actions and striving for performance do not contradict each other. LANXESS aims to be a company whose success is driven by the personal commitment of each and every employee – fully in keeping with our corporate claim of “Energizing Chemistry.”


Sebastian  Röhrig

Sebastian Röhrig
Head of Corporate Responsibility

Phone: +49 221 8885 1099

Fax: +49 221 8885 1769

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