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Committed to climate and water

A further focus of our corporate responsibility is enhancing awareness worldwide of the causes and consequences of climate change and water scarcity – for both drinking and industrial uses. In Brazil, we promote scientific knowledge and environmental awareness at our various sites through the “Green Cycle” competition, which gives participants the opportunity to develop their own environmental protection projects. LANXESS provides full funding for implementing the winning projects. Participants receive assistance from an agency that specializes in environmental projects. Since the competition began in 2010, we have successfully initiated 40 projects that have included raising the awareness of children, adolescents and adults for the importance of environment- and climate-friendly behavior, establishing recycling communities and remediating polluted land.


In China, we organized a research competition entitled “Clean water for a better life” for the second year running. Students from nine universities along the river Yangtze were asked to develop approaches for protecting water as a vital resource. Statistically, China has one of the lowest per capita water supplies in the world. We supported the research teams with funding, training and specialists who assisted on a voluntary basis. The competition saw a significant increase in popularity compared with the first year. 15 projects from nine universities were included in the final selection and twice as many people – more than 18,000 – took part in the public vote to determine the winners. A team from Tongji University won the most votes for its research into a cleaning agent for treating industrial wastewater.


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